Proactive Security


Thieves prefer to work in the dark so have all of your property flooded with lights. We recommend you replace your existing high energy flood bulbs with high power LED's. They cost more but will last many years of continuous use.

Trim the Bushes

Don't let your bushes grow too close to windows so burglers can hide behind them. They can break a window to gain entry without tripping any alarm contact.s

Who came to your front door today, when you weren't home?

With your COPS DVR you can easily review the times someone came to your door during the day.


Want to know who is at the front door ? Who is roaming around in the back yard ? Want to keep an eye on the pool cleaners or lawn people from the comfort of your home or office? How about checking on your pet while you are shopping ? Are the gun and liquor cabinets safely locked and undisturbed while the maid service is cleaning the house ? Are your teenagers home from school ?

5 Good Reasons Not To Buy A System at the Big Box Store

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yard worker

Watch over your family, home, and business

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