About Us

"Cop-Systems utilizes new technology similar to what many homeowners use to stream Netflix. This technology was recently approved as a new standard; we use it for in-home transmission of live digital video streams." Les Stone, owner Cop Systems

COP-Systems was created by my own curiosity about what was going on at my home and office while I was away. I had prior experience in installing corporate tv studio and location equipment. CCTV was the same only using much less expensive cameras and recording equipment. The cost of CCTV video cameras and recorders continue to drop in cost. Add the power of the Internet that allows remote viewing on any computer or smart phone and you have the birth of a new business.

We also see the demand growing for computer screen mounted web cams to have face to face video conversations with friends, relatives, business associates. Many attorneys, and some doctors are using Skype enabled web cams to conduct business.

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Watch over your family, home, and business

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