Proactive Security

Theft Deterrent

The simple presence of a security camera has shown to prevent theft from occurring in many different applications.

Visual Proof

A security camera may help settle costly disputes with customers, vendors, and inspectors, as well as documenting productivity.

Community & Residential Entry Gates

Many gated communities have eliminated their security staffing at entry gates. Cop-Systems can provide your community with a digital video security guard. All vehicles entering and exiting the community are recorded. The addition of a license plate reader camera assures positive identification if needed by the authorities.

Private homes with a security gate may enjoy the convenience of a video and audio link to the home, so that all visitors can be seen prior to granting entry.

Shortly after COP-System's cameras were installed, someone crashed through and destroyed the new $15,000.00 gate. Photos of the incident were circulated throughout the community. Within days a resident spotted the vehicle with front end damage, called the authorities and the vehicle owner was held accountable for the damage, saving the community the $5,000.00 insurance deductable.

front gate


gate cams

Watch over your family, home, and business

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