Proactive Security

Theft Deterrent

The simple presence of a security camera has shown to prevent theft from occurring in many different applications.

Visual Proof

A security camera may help settle costly disputes with customers, vendors, and inspectors, as well as documenting productivity.

Cameras-On-Patrol Products Profiles

COP-Systems unique Cameras-On-Patrol business profile meets today's need for quality video surveillance monitoring.

COP-Systems designs systems with quality and ease of use as the primary ingredients. You need to have the high resolution cameras and be able to record and more importantly have the highest quality playback of the original video. If you cannot use the video to positively identify someone or something that happened, what good is the investment?


Multiple cameras are a definite deterrent to theft and Vandalism.

* Workstations with Windows XP Pro OS, are custom built using top name brand motherboards and components. Our custom Workstations can act as a regular home use computer while recording video of up to 16 cameras. Window XP is still available as of 1/25/2010, until an unknown deadline, postponed many times before by Microsoft, OS supported until 08/04/2014.